About Integrated Medicine

Integrated Medicine

Integrated Medicine is to utilise as complete and as comprehensive an approach using natural medicines in treating any illness. It is being launched from a platform much wider in its reach, more grounded in empirical research, and more effectively related to comprehensive models of human psychology and consciousness. It is helpful to remember that an integral medicine differs in significant ways from both conventional and complementary medicine, while attempting to include the enduring and effective elements of each.

This approach to Integrated Medicine has been developed further by Thomas – taking into account his vast knowledge as a naturopath, homeopath, nutritionist, acupuncturist and herbalist. In the Down to Earth clinic, Thomas incorporates different elements of therapies and treatment forms in one single successful approach to help clients to achieve not only a pain free life also a new way of thinking about health and wellbeing and his highly qualified stuff is more than happy to help you as well.

Meet The IHCNM Staff

Naturopathic General Practitioner

Brisbane’s only European trained (Germany) Naturopathic General Practitioner.

In Germany, these physicians are called “Specialist Medical Practitioner, Level I” (a medical practitioner who is registered under the provision of the Medical Act and holds an specialist qualification accepted by NSQAC which is relevant to his/her appointment.)

Thomas is a qualified Naturopath and Dry Needling Expert with considerable experience in clinical practice. He has many years of experience in the field of Natural Medicine and Eastern and Western Philosophy, and is passionate about blending timeless knowledge with modern evolution of naturopathic science.

Thomas combines his medical and naturopathic qualifications, clinical experiences and research background with his extensive knowledge for evidence-based natural therapies to give you a unique and valuable perspective. This together forms now a unique art of healing.


1996 – 1997
Kings College London
Psychology and English Literature

2000 – 2003
Paracelsus School of Naturopathy Germany

2004 – 2007
Australian Institute of Applied Science -Brisbane
Advanced Diploma of Hmed, HSc, Nutrition, Acupuncture

Bioimpedance Analysis of Body Composition
Hemaview Practitioner (Live Blood Analysis)

Certificate in Integrative Medicine
University of Queensland

Live Blood Morphology
Sanum Therapy


B Hlth Sc (Nutrition) Final Year


Our friendly receptionist who will make you feel welcome and comfortable when you arrive with her endearing smile for everyone. Suzanne uses Natural Medicine herself and has experienced great benefits from it. She loves working in this industry and seeing people reaching their goals and feeling just a little bit better at each visit. She is usually as excited as the client when they come back out to the desk having had a great result. Suzanne has a Diploma of Counselling and a certificate in Reflexology.

Zenthai Shiatsu Massage

Bask in the ambiance of conscious touch with a Zen Thai Shiatsu massage.

A deeply relaxing and enlivening treatment which incorporates Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage and Osteopathic techniques. The principles of this style of massage allows the experience to be deeply healing, aligning the structural and energetic bodies to create balance and harmony. The ancient roots of Zen Thai Shiatsu, incorporating both Aruyvedic and Chinese Oriental therapies (including cupping and moxibustion), open the client up to a new found sense of health and wellbeing.

The Yoga Therapy and Osteopathic techniques which are heavily emphasised within Sarah’s treatments are another set of effective tools for healing practice. Mindful touch offers an experience like no other. Within it are the seeds for deep transformation and awakening. Memories and traumas stored within the body are able to be accessed to allow the return of freedom back to our energetic and structural bodies. It involves stretching and aligning of the energetic and structural body. Similar to yoga it draws its roots from the most ancient healing practice of Aruyveda and often leaves clients with a renewed vigour and clarity.

The treatment takes place on a Thai matt on the floor. It is recommended that loose comfortable clothing be worn as it is a fully clothed experience. Sarah is looking forward to journeying with you into a space of deep relaxation and harmony.