Acoustic Restoration Therapy

Acoustic Restoration Therapy

Acoustic Restoration Therapy (ART™) delivers “natural frequencies” in a passive and non-invasive process to the brain and central nervous system with the specific intent of balancing, optimising and harmonizing these cells in our body and brain. Research is proving that frequency therapy can be an effective & safe way to help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and the effects of health problems such as addiction, depression, Parkinson’s Disease as well as many other mental and physical disorders.


Vibrates Your Body Systems.

Blood system, Nervous System, Skeleton System, Muscle system, Organs, Tissues and Cells.

Recharge vitality and refresh every part of your mind.



Thoughts, Emotions, Sensations, Memories, Dreams, Imagination.


Acoustic Restoration Therapy may be an effective therapeutic tool in the following situations:
Pain reduction, Memory and Order improvement, Stress reduction, Anger management, Insomnia reduction, Depression reduction, Chronic diseases symptoms relief , Anxiety treatment, Sport injuries recovery,  Self-confidence and recharging, Surgery recovery Better learning and teaching, Therapist’s Addiction treatment, Creative and innovation, Addiction self-management, Performance improvement, Obesity free therapist, Self-exploration and development, Obesity free self-management, Effective teamwork brainstorming.

Resetting and Retraining Cellular Memory
Acoustic Restoration Therapy harnesses the healing abilities of sound and other physical therapies like acupuncture. Sound can penetrate much deeper into the body and is more effective than needles or just touch alone. Because sound has the capability to pass through matter and change the vibration of the particles it will resonate and reset cellular memory. For a lasting effect it must be kept in mind that the “problem” is an expression of traumatically encoded information at the cellular level and as with any medicine or therapy, repetition and consistency is required to receive desired results.

acoustic restoration therapy

Clinically Proven Benefits
Decreased Pain
88 Hz: Migraine Relief
40-68 Hz: Reduces anxiety, depression and autism symptoms
27-38 Hz: Insomnia relief

Increased Circulation
68 Hz: Reduces neck and shoulder pain
50 Hz: Dislodges lung secretions
52 Hz: Reduced lower back and menstrual pain

Increased Mobility
40 Hz: Improves digestion, lowers blood pressure, reduces Parkinson
symptoms. Intervention for stroke, Alzheimer or brain injury. Effective
in treating MS. Relieves suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.


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