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 Equanimity Holistic Energy Workshop


Equanimity is a fundamental skill of self-exploration and emotional intelligence Equanimity comes from the Latin word aqueous meaning balanced, and animus meaning spirit or internal state. As an initial step in understanding this concept, let’s consider for a moment its opposite: what happens when a person loses internal balance.

In the physical world we say a person has lost balance if they fall to one side or another. In the same way a person loses internal balance if they fall into one or the other of the following contrasting reactions:-

Suppression– A state of thought/feeling arises and we attempt to cope with it by stuffing it down, denying it, tightening around it, etc.

Identification- A state of though/feeling arises and we fixate it, hold onto it inappropriately, not letting it arise, spread and pass with its natural rhythm.

Between suppression on one side and identification on the other lies a third possibility, the balanced state of non-interference… equanimity.

Learn in this workshop how to control your energies and the energies of other people or influences from other places. Learn how you can achieve a mind of EQUANIMITY in this amazing course.

Course Info:

Once a month for 6 months.

Contact Suzanne for the next starting date

Duration 4-5 hours.

Address: To be confirmed

Cost: $135.00 per module or you can pay for all 6 modules and pay only $650.00 and save $120.00 with this deal. Down payment of $200 is required to secure your place. Payment plan can be organised.

Only a few places left.

About the Facilitator:

Thomas Staudacher has been doing energy work all around the world for over 20 years. Now in his new home Australia he would like to show you other ways to learn to help control your inner feelings and emotions. Thomas is a Psychic and Healer with amazing results and accuracy.

 To book in or for more information please contact Suzanne

Phone: 07 3314 2329