Nutritional Medicine

What is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional MedicineNutritional Medicine is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that seeks to maintain health and prevent or treat diseases by optimizing nutritional intake and/or prescribing supplements.

The approach is sometimes referred to as megavitamin therapy. Nutritional practitioners may also incorporate a variety of other treatment modalities into their approaches.

Proponents believe that non-optimal levels of certain substances can cause health issues beyond simple deficiency and see balancing them as an integral part of health.

The Role of a Nutritionist

The role of a nutritionist is to advise and work closely with individuals or groups on planning what foods to eat. Nutritionists develop nutrition programs and recommend what not to eat to prevent diet-related conditions like obesity and heart disease.

Benefits of a Nutritionist

Nutritionists play an important role in many areas of health care. They work closely with patients, clients and a range of health care professionals to determine the best possible nutrition program for individuals, groups and communities. Your nutritionist can help you plan a healthy diet that can help prevent disease.

Nutritionist FAQs

What are Common Nutritional Treatments?

The appropriate treatment is dependent on each patient. However, in most cases treatment often starts with an overall assessment. Once that is addressed, the options for treatment are numerous.

Does everyone need the same things for good nutrition or a healthy diet?

A number of factors impact a person’s nutritional and dietary needs.

Different age groups have different nutritional needs, and people’s diets should meet those specific needs. For example, an infant needs a different diet and nutrition than a teenager. Likewise, the nutritional needs and diet of a pregnant woman are different than those of an elderly man. In addition, factors such as a person’s height and current weight, current health status, and activity level also affect what kinds of nutrients they need and how much they need.

How long is an Appointment?

The first visit is the most comprehensive in discussing your complete medical history and is the longest visit at 1 hour. Subsequent visits are approximately half that time, depending on the complexity of the issues being addressed.

In House testing tools

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

This is a computerized method of assessing your “body composition” – the measurement of fat in relation to lean body mass. It is an integral part of a health and nutrition assessment. Click here for more details.

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyser

Working with principles of quantum medicine, the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyser detects changes in electromagnetic waves emitted by the body’s cells. Click here for more details.

Are Healthfund Rebates available with Nutrition Consultations?

I am a qualified practitioner of Nutritional Medicine and a member of Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA), and therefore registered with many different health funds. The rebate you get back will depend on your personal level of cover.

IHCNM is happy to announce that we have been selected as a preferred supplier by Medibank Private for all of our Naturopathy services including weight loss. We are one of only a few clinics within the North Side to receive this honour. Click here for more details.