The most innovative HRV System for diagnostics and regulation.


Nilas MV®Medi –Efficient and field-proven technology

The highlights at a glance

  • Complete risk-assessment of the health profile in less than 5 minutes
  • Extensive range of functions beyond HRV,
  • e.g. neuro-hormonal level of activity, psycho-emotional state, biological age . . .
  • Very simple and convenient use enabling an efficient integration into the daily routine
  • Precise and transparent data collection through ECG electrodes designed to fit wrists or ankles
  • Vivid and easily comprehensible depiction of measurement results
  • System-integrated reporting feature with export options
  • Expert support and online training as well as technical service available.

Clinical area

  • Cardiovascular and metabolic risk stratification.
  • Basic clinical diagnostic with diabetic neuropathy.
  • For studies on the efficiency of preparations and treatments.

Preventive medicine and stress management.

  • Risk evaluation, degree of severity, therapy response (e. g. with chronic stress and burn out).
  • Gerontological regulatory capacity.
  • Sleep-wake cycle timeline.

Sports medicine.

  • Performance diagnostics and exercise-induced control in workout session.
  • Monitoring parameters for overtraining.
  • Recovery reviewing.

Rehabilitative medicine.

  • Physical and psychological therapy and rehabilitation controlling.
  • Progress and success control of therapy measures.

Heart Rate Variability – HRV

Did you know that your heart is a resonating body for many vital functions and biorhythms steered by the auto-nomous and central nervous systems? It is closely linked with the brain, the immune, digestive and endocrine systems and records even the slightest changes of these. The heart rate variability (HRV) provides accurate information of these vital functions and the ad-hoc regulatory capacity of the entire organism to react adequately on constantly varying external and internal influences. Thus, HRV is a global indicator for the individual health situation.

HRV Analysis with Nilas MV®

Nilas MV® Medi precisely identifies the psycho-physiological stress situation of the client, which can be both a trigger as well as a symptom of serious health disorders. Diagnostically conclusive data is derived from the biological benchmarks of the rhythmo-gramme that delivers comprehensive evaluation parameters. The recorded frequency patterns and time lapses of the biorhythms allow for an analysis and assess-ment of their performance spectrum, stress tolerance, dynamics and adaptation ability to an extent never seen before. This is achieved by a totally new and innovative technique called fractal neurodynamics.

Besides surpassing conventional HRV devices in terms of information acquisition and processing Nilas MV® Medi also provides a unique depiction of measurement results with readily comprehensive graphs and illustrations. This ensures a considerably lucid overview and easy interpretation of the data in the daily work and is remarkably enhancing the compliance of your clients.


The real time monitoring of the heart variability combines the time with the frequency methods and on top of that removes any artefacts from the scan automatically. This allows an up to now unequalled precision in HRV scanning and permits for an immediate and differentiated evaluation of the responsiveness and regulatory capacity

Vegetative & Neuro-Humoral Regulation.

The frequency spectrogram with its colour-coded traffic light system, the autocorrelation portrait, based on the school grade principle, along with the scatter plot provide information on the organism’s adaptation capa-cities. They indicate to what extent the organism is able to switch from sympathetically to parasympathetically dominated regulation of its nervous activity and which part the neurohormonal system plays in it.

Central Regulation & psycho-emotional Condition.

The section „central regulation“ allows for a systemic analysis with the aid of the neuro-dynamic matrix referring to more than 300 different parameters of the organism. These are put in context with the balance of energy whose dynamics are shown in the power pyramid with anabolic (blue) and catabolic (red) columns. The brain wave activity, the coherence of the biorhythms, the gerontological graph as well as the forecast on the daily performance capacity are determined through mathematical algorithms and provide information on the psycho-emotional state of the client.



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