Specialities of the International Holistic Center of Natural Medicine

Integral Medicine is to utilize as complete and as comprehensive an approach as possible in treating any illness. It is being launched from a platform much wider in its reach, more grounded in empirical research, and more effectively related to comprehensive models of human psychology and consciousness. But it is helpful to remember that an integral medicine differs in significant ways from both conventional and complementary medicine, while attempting to include the enduring and effective elements of each.

This approach has been developed further from Thomas Staudacher incorporating all this different elements of therapies and treatment forms in one single successful approach to help you to achieve not only a pain free live also a new way of thinking about your health and wellbeing. Find out how it works or read our testimonials.

Acute Pain Management (Biomesotherapy) treated with our multi-target approach (INTEGRAL MEDICINE)

Patient – 65 yo male with Chronic Back Pain

I met Thomas at a seminar, and after talking to him I decided to visit him in the clinic. Since starting treatment, I had severe pain in my shoulders and three crushed vertebrae in my lower back, so I had continuously pain which I had to learn to live with. After a few months treatment my Back has become nearly straight again and 80% of the pain has gone.

Allergies, Eczema & Sinus treated with our multi-target approach (INTEGRAL MEDICINE)

Patient – 43 yo female with Dermatitis

I’ve been a client of Thomas Staudacher since the beginning of 2010 and I wish that our paths had crossed earlier. I’ve been suffering from severe dermatitis since mid-2006 and after many diets, potions, supplements, GP’s, Dermatologists, other alternative therapies and monies spent it has been Thomas’s expert guidance and his depth of knowledge that has brought me to once again live “normally”. Within the first 3 months I noticed an incredible change and I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to live free from burning, itchy, scaly and downright ugly skin.

Male and Female Infertility treated with our multi-target approach (INTEGRAL MEDICINE)

Patient – 35 yo female with Prolonged difficulty conceiving (Infertility)

My Husband and I experienced two devastating miscarriages and then had prolonged difficulty conceiving. We attended a Fertility Specialist and after numerous, invasive procedures, which delivered no answers, we were advised to undertake artificial insemination. After deciding that this was not the path for us, I made an appointment with Thomas Staudacher, in search for an alternative approach. It was the best decision I made because only after 3 months I felt pregnant.