Chronic Pain

Effective Natural Treatment For Chronic Pain

Individuals have a great influence of their own health. They can choose to do something good for their bodies, if they so desire. Chronic pain can lead to hopelessness, depression, anger and anxiety disorders such as: panic, generalised anxiety or other related stress disorders.

chronic painWe are specialised in the treatment of chronic pain. If you prefer to use alternative or complementary medicines with a long history of traditional use and scientific research what is merely used in our clinic, and did help many people beat their conditions and regain their vitality back to a normal life. Thankfully, there are a number of ways a Naturopath can support people experiencing pain and there are various nutritional and herbal medicines available that can offer safe alternatives.

Biomesotherapy is a natural therapy that is popular in Europe and is now starting to catch on in Australia.

If you suffer from pain and would like to steer away from conventional medicine, read on to learn how biomesotherapy can be of benefit to you. The aim of biomesotherapy is to help the body to heal itself and to normalise the nervous system. Many of the treatments used in this therapy are designed to relax muscle tension.

A unique therapeutic system

This system encompasses multi-target regulation, treatment according to the stage of disease progression, and lastly, acknowledgement and stimulation of the body’s own regulation mechanisms.

Multi-target regulation

The biological systems in human bodies are made up of complex systems which interact with each other to maintain balance and peak optimal health. In disease conditions many of these interacting systems have been thrown out of balance and need to be redressed in order to regain health. The most effective and gentle way to restore this balance is to have recourse to quality biological medicines which cater many of these same targets at once.

Treatment according to the stage of disease progression

Plants and other biological materials possess a complex chemistry, due to the many varied elements naturally present in a given substance. As a result by combining different plants and materials in carefully formulated combination medications, many targets may be addressed at once, thus restoring the body’s equilibrium in a balanced way as nature intends it. The major advantage of working with such multi-target medications is that through support and stimulation, the therapeutic results are greatly enhanced and mimic nature, while being much gentler on the body.

Stimulation of the body’s own regulatory mechanisms

By using substances in very low doses, the regulatory systems of the body are gently activated to restore balance naturally. For instance, within the immune system, low concentrations of plant material are thought to activate certain cells called T regulatory cells, which the body uses to keep inflammation in check. Treatment with these biological medicines is thus very close to the way nature would do it, but with a little helping hand.

How can we help?

  • What makes us special is that we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to medical challenges.
  • We combine homeopathic, nutritional and hebal active substances to create easy-to-use medications.
  • We have taken a good look at the origin and treatment of disease and developed a new way of thinking about it.
  • We call our approach a Integral system – following the principle of activating the body’s self-healing processes to bring the organism back into its biological balance.
  • We do not see homeopathy and conventional medicine as opposites, but instead have made it our job to build the bridge between them and our results are confirming this approach see testimonials.

Related Testimonials

Patient – 30 yo female with Chronic Pain (Neck and Back)

Thomas, I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, knowledge, help and treatment over the past few months. I have had to live with intense pain in my neck, lower back and right elbow and wrist for the last 30 years. Having been exposed to various treatments during that time, I was sceptical when my daughter sang your praises and booked me an appointment. Since that time I haven’t looked back. I find it amazing that your use of a combination of biomeso therapy, homeopathic natural medicines, acupuncture, trigger points and sanum therapy has reduced that pain by 80% and improved my general health and well being.

V.W. Petrie 20/05/2011

Patient – 39 yo female with Chronic Migraine, Chronic Neck Pain

I have been a Chronic Migraine sufferer for 21 years and after losing a close friend, 2 relatives and my 15 year old dog in a very short time they just got worse. After having 27 Migraines in 3 weeks I struggled to get out of bed let alone go out into the sunlight. I knew I had to once again try to find some relief so I booked in for a massage at the Aspley Wellness centre it was on this visit I was fortunate enough to meet Thomas Staudacher.
I then meet with Thomas for Hemaview and Biomeso. I could not believe how little movement I actually had in my neck and it was amazing how quickly Biomeso relaxed my Neck and Back, especially the muscles at the top of neck where the pain was the worst.

Thomas doesn’t believe in just fixing the problem he had me come back for Natropathic and Homeopathic to get to the cause of the problem.
I have been seeing Thomas for 7 weeks now and for the first time in I don’t know how long I have not taken a Migraine Tablet for 8 days. The Migraines still try to come back but the duration and severity is not as bad and with using techniques and homeopathic medicine I am now getting more of a handle on them. I can also go out in the Sunlight and it feels great to wake up with no pain. I can’t wait to see how I feel a few months time.

I don’t know how to say Thank you Thomas for giving me my life back!

S.R Zillmere Qld 21.7.2011

Patient – 63 yo female with Chronic Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis

I would like to give a testimonial to the marvellous results I have had since consulting with Dr. Tom Staudacher. I am a 63 year old lady who has suffered from Crohns Disease and Rheumatiod Arthritis for many many years. Speccialists and conventional doctors have removed body parts! suggested replacements of body parts!, and given me several experimental medications – all to no avail. Then just as I am resigning myself to a life of pain I am introduced to Dr. Tom!

After three treatments with neeedles, several alternative healthy alternative medications, and lots of explanations, and encouragement, I feel like a new person. My QUALITY of life has improved 100%. I can walk again without pain. Thank you Dr. Tom. I thoroughly recommend him to everybody who might be frustrated with conventional medicine and uncaring “scientific” doctors who are led by the nose by chemical companies.

Keep up your good work!

S.N Chinchilla QLD 07/05/2012

Patient – 65 yo male with Chronic Back Pain

I met Thomas at a seminar, and after talking to him I decided to visit him in the clinic. Since starting treatment, I had severe pain in my shoulders and three crushed vertebrae in my lower back, so I had continuously pain which I had to learn to live with. After a few months treatment my Back has become nearly straight again and 80% of the pain has gone. I also marvel at what Thomas has done for my wife. After treating here and looking after here many needs I am amazed what he has done after a horrific Car accident. I have no hesitation in recommending Thomas to anyone.

J.R.B Strahtpine, QLD 9/15/2010

Patient- 75 yo female with Chronic Neck Pain, Restricted Movements

I live in the Outback of Australia in a little Town with 200 people. Visiting my sister in Brisbane I heard about Thomas and I made an appointment with him. I am 75 years old and since 2002 I had only little movement in my neck was not even able to turn it a little bit. I also could not bring my arms up to even brush my hair. After the first appointment with Thomas I had nearly free movement in my neck and I could the first time since 10 years brush my own hair again. We were starting also to work on my hip what is causing me many problems now after the operation.

Due to the distance problem Thomas worked on this problem as well and I will be back again soon after I go and see my sister again. It feels so good to have no more restricted movements especially in my age I am not irritable any more as well and I feel much better. I was first really sceptic what is not a surprise after all this years and hearing from doctors’ only nothing we can do’. Thomas not used only his knowledge with Acupuncture he also used Bioacupuncture what I know recommend to anyone I know. Not only does it not hurt it is really fast and I believe now in Homeopathy what I never did before.

E.P. Kallangur 24/03/2011