Male and Female Infertility


Infertility rate in man and woman are rising. Pinpointing these reasons is essential, since there is always a reason why some one cannot have children. Our Multi-targeting approach can help couples get to the rood of why they cannot conceive.

We offer you natural fertility resources to aid you on your path to fertility. As with female reproduction, male reproduction is hormonally driven, requiring a normally functioning hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Understanding what causes infertility is the first step towards finding the right treatment plan.

The naturopathic approach to environmental medicine recognizes that everyone is exposed to chronic low dose pollutants in the air, water, and food. These pollutants pose a toxic load that the body must regularly rid itself of through the pathways of elimination (i.e. urine, perspiration, and respiration.) Unfortunately, if the body’s excretory functions are inhibited or if one is exposed to levels that overwhelm normal elimination, it poses a burden on the body that can often show up as auto-immunity.

The most successful natural therapy for male/female infertility involves reversing chemical, infectious or endocrine imbalances.

A unique therapeutic system

This system encompasses multi-target regulation, treatment according to the stage of disease progression, and lastly, acknowledgement and stimulation of the body’s own regulation mechanisms.

Multi-target regulation

The biological systems in human bodies are made up of complex systems which interact with each other to maintain balance and peak optimal health. In disease conditions many of these interacting systems have been thrown out of balance and need to be redressed in order to regain health. The most effective and gentle way to restore this balance is to have recourse to quality biological medicines which cater many of these same targets at once.

Treatment according to the stage of disease progression

Plants and other biological materials possess a complex chemistry, due to the many varied elements naturally present in a given substance. As a result by combining different plants and materials in carefully formulated combination medications, many targets may be addressed at once, thus restoring the body’s equilibrium in a balanced way as nature intends it. The major advantage of working with such multi-target medications is that through support and stimulation, the therapeutic results are greatly enhanced and mimic nature, while being much gentler on the body.

Stimulation of the body’s own regulatory mechanisms

By using substances in very low doses, the regulatory systems of the body are gently activated to restore balance naturally. For instance, within the immune system, low concentrations of plant material are thought to activate certain cells called T regulatory cells, which the body uses to keep inflammation in check. Treatment with these biological medicines is thus very close to the way nature would do it, but with a little helping hand.

How can we help?

  • What makes us special is that we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to medical challenges.
  • We combine homeopathic, nutritional and herbal active substances to create easy-to-use medications.
  • We have taken a good look at the origin and treatment of disease and developed a new way of thinking about it.
  • We call our approach a Integral system – following the principle of activating the body’s self-healing processes to bring the organism back into its biological balance.
  • We do not see homeopathy and conventional medicine as opposites, but instead have made it our job to build the bridge between them and our results are confirming this approach see testimonials.