Weight Loss

Research now suggests that weight gain and obesity are not only caused by a genetic predisposition or dietary and lifestyle behaviours, but are also affected by modern environmental factors or chronic inflammation.

Our Multi-target regulation system also helped many people to drop those unwanted kilos and get back to the life they wanted to.

How does it work and why is our approach different?

Weight Loss

Our Multi-target regulation method addresses different factors what can lead to obesity.

Science has now sufficiently proven that fat cells can also cause inflammation, but it appears there is also a possibility that inflammation itself triggers weight gain. We have developed a new way of approaching weight loss integrating many different factors what can lead to this problematic. Whether fat causes inflammation or inflammation causes fat – the key factor is to increase cells sensitivity and give your body the chance to function normally again.

Whether fat causes inflammation or inflammation causes fat, the key factor that needs to be addressed in a weight loss program is to decrease inflammation in order to increase cells sensitivity to insulin and leptin. This requires eliminating foods that are inflammatory, such as sugar and saturated fats, and foods to which a person is allergic. You will receive a specific diet plan tailored specific for you.

How does inflammation contribute to obesity, and how does that knowledge contribute to a better weight loss plan?

There are likely two factors contributing to the obesity/ inflammation cycle. Fat cells are known to generate inflammatory chemical messengers (called cytokines), and those chemicals eventually trigger a reaction for cells to stop listening to two useful messengers: insulin and leptin. When cells become resistant to insulin and leptin, watch out, because the weight will start piling on! Chronic inflammation can also cause leptin resistance.

Insulin resistance will always cause weight gain because the body can’t utilize glucose properly and so it converts it to fatty acids that get stored in fat cells. In the case of leptin, if cells are resistant to it, they will fail to hear the message that the body is satiated, so the person remains hungry and continues to eat excess calories.

How can we help?

  • What makes us special is that we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to medical challenges.
  • We combine homeopathic, nutritional and herbal active substances to create easy-to-use medications.
  • We have taken a good look at the origin and treatment of disease and developed a new way of thinking about it.
  • We call our approach an Integral system – following the principle of activating the body’s self-healing processes to bring the organism back into its biological balance.
  • We do not see homeopathy and conventional medicine as opposites, but instead have made it our job to build the bridge between them.

This program is specially designed for you the results we have witnessed have been so profound and widespread that they have not only affected how you are feeling they have also filtered into other sectors of life such as work, family and friends. Please feel free to fill in our contact form on the right and describe your symptoms in a few words. We will contact you as soon as possible.