Patient – 65 yo female with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Neuropathy

I have known Thomas Staudacher for several months and have been seeing him weekly for most of that time. My main problems are diabetes, blood pressure, balance (falling over etc.), multiple injuries from a MVA, neuropathy, and kidney transplant. Thomas has worked constantly to find different remedies (including sending away overseas) to help my conditions. I am overjoyed to report they have all worked. My balance has improved and I rarely depend on my stick, my legs which were dark brown, swollen and painful are now a healthier colour and circulations better and not much pain. Sugar levels and blood pressure have both been lowered. Thomas uses acupuncture, per machine herbs and vitamins. I am much fitter and have started walking again.

Thomas your love and dedication to making your patients lives so much healthier and happier is a credit to you. Thank you so much for your time and commitment.

22/09/2010 J.B. Carseldine QLD

Patient – 65 yo male with Chronic Back Pain

I met Thomas at a seminar, and after talking to him I decided to visit him in the clinic. Since starting treatment, I had severe pain in my shoulders and three crushed vertebrae in my lower back, so I had continuously pain which I had to learn to live with. After a few months treatment my Back has become nearly straight again and 80% of the pain has gone. I also marvel at what Thomas has done for my wife. After treating here and looking after here many needs I am amazed what he has done after a horrific Car accident. I have no hesitation in recommending Thomas to anyone.

J.R.B Strahtpine, QLD 9/15/2010

Patient – 43 yo female with Dermatitis

I’ve been a client of Thomas Staudacher since the beginning of 2010 and I wish that our paths had crossed earlier. I’ve been suffering from severe dermatitis since mid 2006 and after many diets, potions, supplements, GP’s, Dermatologists, other alternative therapies and monies spent it has been Thoms’s expert guidance and his depth of knowledge that has brought me to once again live “normally”. Within the first 3 months I noticed an incredible change and I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to live free from burning, itchy, scaly and down right ugly skin.

I will continue to seek his advice and care for my health and wellbeing and know for certainty that if the same is sort by anyone else they will achieve positive results.

D.D Gaythorne, Qld 13/09/2010

Patient – 12 yo female with Insomnia, Anxiety

I took Edwina to see Thom and he built a comprehensive picture of her symptoms. He then presciribed her a Homeopathic remedy. Within the first couple of days I noticed a difference in Edwina’s sleeping habits. No more getting upset when she stays away from home. After a week of the remedy she now has no more issues staying away home and regularly stays at friends houses.

M.A. Brisbane 2/02/2010

Patient- 43 yo female and male with Muscular Problems, Weight Loss, Gastrointestinal Disorders

After an initial consultation including Hemaview analysis, Thomas recommended individually tailored, herbal detox programs for us both. After the course, in addition to following recommended dietary changes, we are both delighted to report that our symptoms, that were varied, ceased. This has remained to be the case since that time.

Additionally we are very pleased with resulting and much needed long-term weight loss that has occured for us both. J. was also treated with accupuncture by Thomas and this has assisted in relieving some long-standing muscular problems. We are both certain that Thomas’ work has been invaluable to the improvement in our health and general wellbeing.

Because of his very pleasant and professional manner, we both felt very much at-ease during our consultations and will trust any future treatment that we require from Thomas.

Dr.J&J H. Brisbane 31/03/2009

Patient – 7 yo female with Nocturnal Enuresis

I am writing to thank you for the positive input you have had on my daughter and the entire family. Since giving our daughter the remedy her bed wetting has improved dramatically, to a point of it becoming a rare occurence. The Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Acupuncture combined as a unit have improved my stress levels, concentration span, vitality and general well being.

I now carry a much more positive and vibrant outlok and I have you to thank for this. Without the combined knowledge I would never been able to achieve these results alone. I am truly grateful for the gift of good health and I look forward to continuing our program.

S.B. Brisbane 02/01/2009

Patient- 45 yo male with High Blood Pressure, Fatty Liver

This is LETTER OF THANKS for all the great work you have done for me over the last 6 months. In that time you have relieved me of my blood pressure medication and my fatty liver, and brought energy back into my life again. I feel much better now than I have for the last several years I wish I’d known you sooner.

Even my aches and pains from shoulder and neck and back problems are nearly all gone with the acupuncture and medications you have supplied me with. I’m amazed at the knowledge you have studied in your numerous degrees and certifications which make you invaluable to me with my many problems.

Any people who read this should take advantage of your vast array of knowledge in the field of well being with naturopathy, megatronics, acupuncture, herbal remedies, Chinese medicine etc and your utter pursuit of healing. Your willingness to answer all the questions that I brought up made me feel at ease as well. Thanks again for your friendly service and see you soon.

A.D. Brisbane 05/05/2010

Patient – 35 yo female with Prolonged difficulty conceiving (Infertility)

My Husband and I experienced two devastating miscarriages and then had prolonged difficulty conceiving. We attended a Fertility Specialist and after numerous, invasive procedures, which delivered no answers, we were advised to undertake artificial insemination. After deciding that this was not the path for us, I made an appointment with Thomas Staudacher, in search for an alternative approach. It was the best decision I made because from the very first consultation, I felt confident that with Thomas’ assistance, we would achieve a positive result.

Thomas showed great insight into our situation and his treatments were unique to our individual needs. The Hemaview procedure was particularly eye opening and it wasn’t long until I was feeling better than I had in a long time. Whilst at a consultation with Thomas, he detected that I was pregnant, simply by feeling my pulse. Fortunately he was correct and I am now 15 weeks along and everything is going well. Thomas was even able to give me drops to “burrow” the baby in, so as to avoid further miscarriage. My experience with Thomas has been truly eye opening and I have referred many people to him, who are experiencing all sorts of ailments, not just fertility problems. In fact my 90 year old Grandmother now travels a six hour round trip to see him!

S.B Brisbane 10/01/2011

Patient- 75 yo female with Chronic Neck Pain, Restricted Movements

I live in the Outback of Australia in a little Town with 200 people. Visiting my sister in Brisbane I heard about Thomas and I made an appointment with him. I am 75 years old and since 2002 I had only little movement in my neck was not even able to turn it a little bit. I also could not bring my arms up to even brush my hair. After the first appointment with Thomas I had nearly free movement in my neck and I could the first time since 10 years brush my own hair again. We were starting also to work on my hip what is causing me many problems now after the operation.

Due to the distance problem Thomas worked on this problem as well and I will be back again soon after I go and see my sister again. It feels so good to have no more restricted movements especially in my age I am not irritable any more as well and I feel much better. I was first really sceptic what is not a surprise after all this years and hearing from doctors’ only nothing we can do’. Thomas not used only his knowledge with Acupuncture he also used Bioacupuncture what I know recommend to anyone I know. Not only does it not hurt it is really fast and I believe now in Homeopathy what I never did before.

E.P. Kallangur 24/03/2011

Patient – 34 yo female with Severe Back Pain, Anxiety, Stress

I thank Thomas very much for his patients, knowledge and understanding of my troubles in helping me to be more calmer and pain free within a short period of time. I had sever back, shoulder and neck pain for years after seeing Thomas for two months in this period my problems are nearly resolved now and I feel pain free the first time after years. Thank you very much for your professional approach and the knowledge you gave me also thank you for your patients. I am happy to recommend you to all my friends.

R.W. North Maleny 24/03/2011

Patient – 28 yo male and female with Migraines, Fybromyalgia

My son was suffering from debilitating migranes for no apparent reason and within 2 visits to Thomas Staudacher they were gone. After watching his recovery I decided to visit Thomas myself. I have suffered from fybromyalgia like symptoms for the past 25 years. I have tried numerous natural therapies which all helped in small ways but never took away my pain to a manageable level.

Thomas has worked with me over the last few months with acupuncture, diet and supplements. I have now been pain free for the past few weeks and have learnt a great deal about why my body has had so much pain. The key to my staying well is now with myself and my diet and exercise, and occasional visits to Thomas for acupuncture and minimal supplements.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Thomas to anyone with health issues. He has a very broad knowledge of the human body, how it works, and how to achieve and maintain health.

W.E Burpengary 05/05/2011

Patient – 30 yo female with Chronic Pain (Neck and Back)

Thomas, I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, knowledge, help and treatment over the past few months. I have had to live with intense pain in my neck, lower back and right elbow and wrist for the last 30 years. Having been exposed to various treatments during that time, I was sceptical when my daughter sang your praises and booked me an appointment. Since that time I haven’t looked back. I find it amazing that your use of a combination of biomeso therapy, homeopathic natural medicines, acupuncture, trigger points and sanum therapy has reduced that pain by 80% and improved my general health and well being.

V.W. Petrie 20/05/2011

Patient – 39 yo female with Chronic Migraine, Chronic Neck Pain

I have been a Chronic Migraine sufferer for 21 years and after losing a close friend, 2 relatives and my 15 year old dog in a very short time they just got worse. After having 27 Migraines in 3 weeks I struggled to get out of bed let alone go out into the sunlight. I knew I had to once again try to find some relief so I booked in for a massage at the Aspley Wellness centre it was on this visit I was fortunate enough to meet Thomas Staudacher.
I then meet with Thomas for Hemaview and Biomeso. I could not believe how little movement I actually had in my neck and it was amazing how quickly Biomeso relaxed my Neck and Back, especially the muscles at the top of neck where the pain was the worst.

Thomas doesn’t believe in just fixing the problem he had me come back for Natropathic and Homeopathic to get to the cause of the problem.
I have been seeing Thomas for 7 weeks now and for the first time in I don’t know how long I have not taken a Migraine Tablet for 8 days. The Migraines still try to come back but the duration and severity is not as bad and with using techniques and homeopathic medicine I am now getting more of a handle on them. I can also go out in the Sunlight and it feels great to wake up with no pain. I can’t wait to see how I feel a few months time.

I don’t know how to say Thank you Thomas for giving me my life back!

S.R Zillmere Qld 21.7.2011

Patient – 63 yo female with Arthritis, Chronic Back pain

I was recommended to Thomas as I was suffering from severe pain in my back and knees. My Knees were stiff and swollen which made it difficult to walk and to perform everyday tasks. I was told an operation was the only solution until I met Thomas. And decided to give his treatment a try. He advised me to lose weight by eating healthy. I must thanks Thomas because I no longer have pain, my swelling and stiffness has gone in my knees and I have lost 10kg in weight and I did not even have a weight loss program. Thomas has made my life easier. Living without pain and I have again a positive way to look forward to my life and I did not have my operation as I was told for my knees.

H.H Brisbane QLD 27/09/20011

Patient – 63 yo female with Chronic Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis

I would like to give a testimonial to the marvellous results I have had since consulting with Dr. Tom Staudacher. I am a 63 year old lady who has suffered from Crohns Disease and Rheumatiod Arthritis for many many years. Speccialists and conventional doctors have removed body parts! suggested replacements of body parts!, and given me several experimental medications – all to no avail. Then just as I am resigning myself to a life of pain I am introduced to Dr. Tom!

After three treatments with neeedles, several alternative healthy alternative medications, and lots of explanations, and encouragement, I feel like a new person. My QUALITY of life has improved 100%. I can walk again without pain. Thank you Dr. Tom. I thoroughly recommend him to everybody who might be frustrated with conventional medicine and uncaring “scientific” doctors who are led by the nose by chemical companies.

Keep up your good work!

S.N Chinchilla QLD 07/05/2012

Patient – 43 yo female with Candida, Weight loss – unintentional

I went to see Thomas in the end of 2011 because I had been diagnosed with Candida and I had been on strict diet for 6 months to cure that. I had lost too much weight and I needed to gain some back. Also my digestion was not working properly which was probably the problem from the start. Thomas was very effective and supportive, he gave me a few homeopathic remedies to get my digestion working well. When we found the right supplement, it took only a little while to stop the weight loss and me to start slowly gaining back some weight. Thomas used also dry needling [acupuncture] to help my digestion and he was very good at that. I’m no fan of needles but he used them in such a method that it was not painful at all. It was actually quite pleasant and worked well.

Thomas used Hemaview Live Blood Screening to make sure all was going to a plan and he was very knowledgeable with that explaining the results to me, answering patiently all my questions. He also referred me to blood and allergy tests and some nutritional advice by a nutritionist, so he was happy to find all the necessary answers even if it meant using outside resources. He did not want to sell me unnecessary supplements but made sure that I only used the ones that worked and even them only a short period of time. I am now feeling really good, still slowly gaining back my healthy weight and my digestion working better than ever.

I would happily recommend Thomas to anyone with health problems and I truly hopewe can keep him here in Australia!

T.O Brisbane 3/6/12

Patient – 27 yo female with Ovarian Cysts, PMS, Gastrointestinal Disorders

I first came to see Thom in 2010 with a list of serious symptoms, one of the main ones being a menstrual period which left in me in severe pain for days at a time, unable to work or leave the house. Pain medication had no effect and left me very ill. Within a few months of being under Thomas’s care, improvements starting showing, and today I no longer have any of the symptoms I used to experience. At its worst a hot water bottle can quickly resolve any discomfort. I have come a long way with my health and owe it to Thomas for educating me about the importance of nutrition and how to listen to my body. Thomas is honest, trustworthy, and has a genuine passion for healing his clients. He is able to order specific diagnostic tests that GPs cannot provide, and recently cured a chronic stomach bloating problem I had for many years due to one of these tests. I have recommended Thomas to my family, friends and colleagues.

R.F, Brisbane 21/07/2012

Patient – 45 yo female with Sjorgren’s Syndrome, Anxiety, Insomnia

In September 2012 I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome which is a debilitating autoimmune disease that can affect the nervous system, and incorporates a rheumatoid arthritis factor, Raynaud’s disease, fatigue and brain fog (problems with memory or difficulty focusing) along with extremely dry eyes and dry mouth – just for starters.

By the time I presented to my GP I was in bad shape with inflammation and pain – I could barely hold a brush to my hair and I needed help to cut my food or butter my toast in the morning. I was prescribed two drugs to assist with the inflammation and while they were wonderfully helpful (and I am grateful for the relief they gave me), they were equally dangerous.

Prednisolone is a steroid medicine which needs to be taken regularly and requires a gradual reduction in dose to be able to come off it. Side effects include weakness of arms and legs, development of a rounder face, mental health issues e.g. depression at high doses, and users can get infections more easily than usual, and these infections can be more serious.

Plaquinil can cause irreversible damage to the retina of the eye when high doses are taken over a long period (like I am). It can cause muscle weakness, twitching, uncontrolled movement, loss of balance, blurred vision, light sensitivity, pale skin, easy bruising or bleeding, confusion, headache, ringing in the ears, skin rash and, my goodness, the list goes on!

Concerned about the meds and wanting to get my body to heal itself naturally, the way God meant it to, I decided to visit a Naturopath and chose Thomas Staudacher. Why him? A work colleague had been seeing Thomas for about 18 months and over that time I saw the change in her weight and her skin – her face glowed. I decided there had to be something to what Thomas was doing for her.

Four months after that first visit, my blood tests are showing great results. My rheumatoid factor has dropped from 106 to 35. My other readings are returning to normal and my GP is so happy with my progress that I can now slowly come off the prednisolone.

I’m also drinking Body Balance ‘juice’ and it seems to be maintaining my journey to health, (along with a diet suited to me, and a regime to get my ‘gut’ right). The ‘juice’ is a high potency vitamin / mineral hit that supports core body systems with a formula of nine varieties of sea vegetables. All natural.

I haven’t had to take an allergy tablet in four months, I have more energy, I can now eat food that caused me issues before and I’m feeling normal again. My sister saw my new photo on facebook and commented that I looked SO good and so young…she wants to know my secret!

G.B. Bray Park QLD 05/02/2013